Legal Status

Shelter has got necessary legal registration and authorization from different department of Government of Bangladesh (GOB) such as Non Government Organization (NGO) Affairs Bureau, Department of Social Welfare and Department of Youth and Sports. Government of Alberta Business Corporation Act (Alberta Canada) The Registration Numbers and dates of registration are as follows:

Name of ORG Registration Authority Registration No Date of Registration
Shelter NGO Affair Bureau 1780 Date ofIssue:29/12/2002
Date ofExpe:28/12/2027
Shelter for Slum People Department of Social
DHO 06304 17/09/2001
Shelter for Youth Department of Youth and
433/2002 28/07/2002
Shelter for Women Department of Women
Affaire (DWA)
DHAKA/333/2010 29/09/2010
Shelter inc (Alberta
Department of Women
Affaire (DWA)
Corporate Asses
Service Request Number :
Alberta Registration date